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References (application of the AHP-TEA incl. full finance plan):

  • financial viability analysis woodchip power plant Gräfenhainichen

  • financial viability analysis energy crop plantation Winkel

  • financial viability analysis CHP plant industrial park UNO

  • financial viability analysis solar power plant Utzberg

  • financial viability Analysis heat grid Nohra

  • techno-economical analysis and optimization of Biogas plant Nohra

  • techno-economical analysis Smart Green Warehouse (PV, electric load shift, ice storage)

  • feasibility and techno-economical analysis CSPCR (CSP Carbonization Reaktor)

  • feasibility and techno-economical analysis PAN-fiber production from algae

  • scenario and risk analysis sewage Management Grammetal

  • strategy development for a stonemason company in Northern Italy

  • strategy development residential and industrial land development Southern Ireland

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